This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Anderson's First Grade Class at S. L. Mason Elementary School by Lucy Harris, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.
plane       boat       car       bike              school bus


  •        there is a van that runs on used vegetable oil and not on gas?

  • the first helicopter only got seven inches off the ground?

  • that in the 1840's, it would take about four to sixmonths to travel from Pennsylvania to California? 


Different types of transportation
1.  How are we getting there?  Who knew there were so many different ways to get from one place to another!  Visit here to identify different types of transportation.
Stop Sign
2.  Whether in a car or on a bicycle, safety is always important.  Take this safety quiz and see if you know what different traffic signals and signs mean.
Cruise Ship
3.  Most people stay in a hotel when they go on vacation.  Some people stay on a cruise ship for their vacation.
Space Shuttle  Airplane
4.  You don't only travel on land and in the water.  People fly in the sky and even into outerspace.
Yellow Car
5.  Did you know the first self-propelled vehicle was powered by steam?  See pictures of how cars have changed over the past 100 years.
Train Engine
6.  Want to know more about trains?  Then chug on over to this website!
7.  Everyone rides a bus while they are in school.  Learn more about how to stay safe while riding on a school bus.
8. There are many ways to travel.  You choose the path to discover more about your favorite ways to go from one place to another.
Covered Wagon 9.  My, how times have changed!  Want to cover the history of transportation since 3500 B.C. in three pages?  Visit here
to cruise through history.
Old Bicycle
10.  People all over the world use a bicycle as a cheap and efficient way to travel.  Bicycles were not always 10-speed and easy to maintain.  See how bicycles have changed through the years.
Lesson Plan
I thought this was a very good lesson plan.



traffic jam

       Mr. Jimmy, a very poor man, just inherited two boats, three airplanes, four cars, five bicycles, and a big truck.  Sadly, Mr. Jimmy never went to elementary school so he does not know what to do with all these objects.  To keep Mr. Jimmy from causing any accidents, he would like you to show him where all these forms of transportation go.  Your mission is to draw a chart to show him what goes in the water, what goes on a road, and what flies in the sky.  He also inherited a lot of money, so be sure to show him where  a four-wheeler, jet-ski, or other type of transportation would go just in case he might like to buy one.  With your help, Mr. Jimmy will avoid many future accidents.

mission steps

     1. First, we are going to explore the internet to find out more about different types of transportation.  Use "How are we getting there" website for help.

    2. After looking at different types of transportation and seeing how they have changed over the years, you are going to draw any types of transportation you like on a blank piece of paper.  (Your teacher will divide the paper into four columns of three rectangles so you will know how big to draw each object).  Be sure to color the pictures so Mr. Jimmy knows what they look like.
Divided Page
    3. Then, you are going to cut out each picture you drew.

   4. You are going to fold another piece of white paper two times (so that it is in three equal parts.
Dot page
    5. Color the rectangle on the left light blue.  This will be the sky.

   6. Color the middle rectangle green.  This will be the land.

   7. Color the rectangle on the right dark blue.  This will be the water.

Color Page
    8. Glue each picture you drew in the right section.

   9. Write "sky", "land", and "water" under the right section.

 10. Write your name on the back.

Roller Skates