My Drawing for the Book

    A long time ago, there was a small town called Chewandswallow.  Other than the fact there were no grocery stores, it looked like any other town you had ever seen.  There were no grocery stores becuase there was no need to buy food when food fell from the sky on a daily basis.  Every day, at breakfast, lunch, and supper, clouds rolled in and any food you could imagine would fall from the sky.

    Everyone in the town of Chewandswallow carried a plate and silverware wherever they went because they never knew where they might be at mealtime.  One day pancakes might fall; another day, spaghetti would fall.  Then, a stormy sea of soup might roll right in!!

    Eventually, the falling food gain in bigger and bigger sizes, and bigger and bigger portions.  A pancake even fell on the school one day and it was so big, no one could get it off.  People couldn't go outside for fear of falling food.  A decision was soon made to abandon the sad town of Chewandswallow.  Huge pieces of bread were glued together to make a boat.  The people of Chewandswallow sailed to a new land, learned to use the grocery story, and lived happily ever after!

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