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      Hello! My name is Shae Hare and I am a junior at Valdosta State University. I am in the Early Childhood Education program. I hope to go on from here to teach the upper elementary grades in my hometown of Douglas, Georgia. I am 27 years old and I have been married to my wonderful husband Michael for ten years. Together, we have three children, Alyssa (9), Katelyn (7), and Brody (1) . My husband is also a full-time college student. He attends Georgia SouthWestern University in Americus, Georgia. All of his classes are online. With my schedule here at VSU and our busy homelife, my days can get kind of hectic! I am, however, very excited about my new  future career as an elementary school teacher! I know that all of my hard work now will pay off very soon!
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      One of my favorite things to do is to read. If you were to ask me who my favorite author is, I wouldn't be able to tell you because I have so many! Some of my favorite authors are Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, Terry Goodkind, and Stephen King. You can click on any of the author's names to link directly to their respective websites.

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        I have found a couple of websites involving education that I want to share with you. The websites are Math-Drills.com and  Enchanted Learning.com. Click on the name to go directly to each website. On the Math-Drills website, parents and teachers alike can find and print hundreds of free math worksheets with the answer keys included. There are pages for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division ... the list goes on and on! On the Enchanted Learning website, there are activities and printouts for almost anything you could possibly want, all the way from astronomy to zoology! Both of these websites are wonderful resources for any parent or teacher.
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Cool Math 4 Kids
Kids National Geographic

Children's Museum

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