Prime Time Pumpkin Learning
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for Mrs. Wooley's PreK Class at Lakepark Elementary School.
Designed by Lynsey Drew, a Valdosta State University preservice teacher.

pumpkin patch picture

pumpkin biy
What does the word pumpkin sound and look like? Can you think of the first letter in the word pumpkin? You first need to know what the word pumpkin is before you can learn about it. Here you can listen to a story and create your very own pumpkin.
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How do pumpkins grow? Do you want to know? Do they grow in the sand, with a band, or in a shoe? I have no clue, do you? Listen to the steps here and see how pumpkins grow.

plants in cups
What is one thing that a pumpkin will need to grow? What does this important thing do for the pumpkin? Does it give it food or help it sit up tall? Look at this website and it will tell you what a pumpkin needs and why.
charlie brown pumpkin
Have you ever wondered what happens to a pumpkin after it is picked? Do you know where it goes? See the farmer take his crops to market. What other crops does he take to market besides pumpkins? Here you can see some different crops the farmer takes to market.

scarecrow with a pumpkin for sale sign

Topic Mini Research Real World Activity

Pretend you are a pumpkin farmer and have been selected to grow a pumpkin and give it to the President of the United States. He will receive it at a special ceremony which will be on television.  How will you start to grow your pumpkin? Draw a picture of you as the farmer tending to your pumpkin patch as you are getting the pumpkin ready for the president. Be sure to make a great picture so you can explain it to the president when he ask you how you grew such a terrific pumpkin.

Steps to Complete Real World Activty

1. Go to the website that shows the one thing pumpkins need to grow.
2. Go to the website which shows the steps pumpkins go through as they grow.
3. Remember what you just saw on the previous websites.
4. Take a sheet of paper and draw a picture of you as the farmer tending to your pumpkin patch.
5. Tell your teacher what you are doing in your picture.
5. Give your picture to your teacher so it can be published on a webpage made just for you.

I know the Preseident will love your pumpkin!

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