Spring is Busting Out all Over!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Angela'a Kindergerten Class
at Cook Primary School By Amanda Drazdowski, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

The sweet smell of the flowers, the flapping of the butterflies, and that great feeling of running through the rain. Yep, it has got to be spring. There is nothing like getting your hands dirty looking for worms while you are planting your garden. There is so much to do, I just don't know where to start. Can you help me find out what I need to plant in my beautiful garden.


How do you grow flowers? How often do I have to water the flowers? find all this and more at Kids Valley Garden.
spinning earth
Earth Day happens in the Spring. Find out more about how you can celebrate our Earth.
Have you ever colored Easter Eggs before? Find cool natural ways to decorate this years Easter Eggs.
The weather changes so much during the Spring. Find out why at Web Weather for Kids.
spring connection
How well can you concentrate? Find out with this cool game and identify all sorts of Spring signs.
The days are starting to get longer and the temperture is getting hotter. Let NASA Kids tell you why.
Do you know what kinds of birds you see in the trees during the spring? Find out all about birds on this website.
Do you think butterflies are pretty? I wonder what they eat? Find all you would ever want to know about butterflies.
How do new flowers form? Where do the seeds come from? All the answers can be found on this website about flowers.
yellowflowers and eggs
To find out more about Spring and how it occurs check out this online encyclopedia.


Your school wants to put in a butterfly garden near the play ground, but there is no one to find out what type of plants butterflies like. Your mission is to go to the butterfly website and find out what types of food butterflies eat. Then you will draw out your butterfly garden so that everyone can see your ideas and use them.

Mission Steps
1. Go to the butterfly website and find out what types of plants butterflies eat.
2.Take paper and crayons and draw out the butterfly garden they will put at your school.
3. Give the picture to your teacher so that she can put it on a web page.

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