Little Thank-You's
by Alan Benjamin
Page developed by Amanda Drazdowski

Book Summary:
    Little Thank-You's
is a book about all kinds of things children are thankful for.  In true Precious Moments tradition the pictures are adorable and inspirational. The book is published by Golden Books. They continue to encourage children with wonderful stories.

    As you read the book you see each child is thankful for something different. The children are thankful for everything from friends to rain.  One child is hopeful that the calf is happy with his munchy hay.
The pictures are wonderfully illustrated by Samuel J. Butcher.

    This book helps to remind each of us that God created us all. These children are thankful for flowers, gray days, frogs, pine trees, music, games, stories, ice cream and family. It helps remind us all that we all have Little Thank-You's.
Critical thinking question:

What are you thankful for at home?
What did God make that you are thankful for?

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