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    Hello!!! Groove into my name is Ashley Brewer and I am a junior at Valdosta State University. I absolutely love Valdosta and am proud to be a blazer. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education, and would like to teach either first or second grade. My plan is to graduate in 2010 and then continue on for my masters degree. I went to Northview High School where I learned to excel and found my passion was to be a teacher. My favorite things to do in Valdosta include being with friends, singing at karaoke, and working on getting my degree. Teaching is something I've always wanted to do and would be excited to do as my profession. My page reflects the underlying hippie that lives within me.

This is me...

    My goal in life is to encourage students to learn and influence the things they do. I mostly just want them to like learning and be successful. I really can't wait until I am a teacher. I can't wait to start teaching and influencing children's lives! I will sometimes look at the Valdosta schools homepage to see whats going on in the schools near me. I'm so proud we are TITLETOWN USA!!!!  Please look at my different links and sources or feel free to shoot me an email. (I promise to always send you back a note.) My hope is to bring peace, love, and learning into my classroom. So groove on into your education and Don't Worry Be Happy! :)

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P.S. I would LOVE to have this bus!

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