Topic Mini-Research and Literature for the Topic of Plants and Flowers

The topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for Mrs. Nick's kindergarten class at Berrien Elementary School
Designed by Amy Boland a Valdosta State University Preservice teacher


grow Do you know what plants need to live?....come and find out!
Link #1
Do you wanna know how plants grow?
Learn the parts of a plant?
Or how plants make their own food?
Link #2
pretty What are some of the flowers that grow in a garden?
Check it out!
Link #3
Want to read about a blossoming flower?
Read this fun filled story!
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Growing an Education
growing flower
    Alright class imagine we are all professional gardners today! We are going to create a beautiful garden on our own that the whole school will enjoy. Think about the beauty of your flower blossoming! First, we will learn the appropriate way to help a garden grow and what exactly plants and flowers need to stay alive. Then, you will be able to examine the different parts of a plant . It is your job to remember this important information for when you begin your profession as a gardner. Who would want their garden to be a failure? You will then be able to pick out of a variety of beautiful flowers which flower you would want to start in our garden here at Berrien Elementary!
Growing an Education
   1) First, you will visit the What a plant needs to grow website.
   2) Explore this page understanding how you will take care of your own             plants and keep them alive
   3) You will then examine the different parts of a plant, how plants grow,         and how they make their own food.
   4) As you browse through this information be sure and retain as much as             possible to make your job as a gardner that much easier!
   5) After learning about the informational facts of plants and flowers you             will then get to discover the beauty of them.
   6) While looking through the beautiful flowers pick out your favorite and         show it to Miss Amy and explain to her why you have picked the one             you did.
   7) After you have discussed your flower with Miss Amy you will now                 draw your flower in the most beautiful and colorful way you can!
   8) This will give the class and your self a better understanding of all the             different types of flowers that will be blossoming in our beautiful                 garden! Be sure and create the same shapes and colors as your draw             your picture.
   9) Below your picture you will write a sentence descirbing what you will            do to help your flower grow.
  10) Be sure to relate it back to all the helpful information we learned today        in class.
  11) Also be sure to label the kind of flower you have drawn!

Let's Go Garden !!!!
Have Fun !!!!!

Topic Related Literature Activity


  Plants and Flowers Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions
  1. If you could be one flower in the world, what would you be and why?
  2. If you were a flower, what would you say to the person taking care of you and why ?

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