Zooming Into Education
Designed by: Ashley Benjamin

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    My name is Ashley Benjamin. I have lived in Jefferson County my whole life, I am now a Senior at Valdosta State University. I am in the Early Childhood & Special Education Department and majoring in Early Childhood Education at VSU. I am truly passionate about becoming a teacher and am really looking forward to pursuing a career in education.

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    I chose two educational websites for teachers and those were ABC Teach and A to Z Teacher Stuff. ABC Teach offers information for teachers by providing actual lessons and engaging activities that can be performed inside the classroom. A to Z Teacher Stuff is a website created to find resources such as lesson plans, printable worksheets, and other teacher materials as well.

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     In my free time I enjoy traveling and going home to visit family and friends. Traveling for me is like an outlet. It allows time for relaxation and all sorts of fun things. If I could travel anywhere in the world I would visit Jamaica. This exotic vacation spot seems like the perfect place to go and recline. Jamaica has worldwide appeal for its beautiful scenery, variety of hotel choices and friendly spirited people.

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    A hobby that I enjoy doing is shopping. This is probably one of the worst hobbies to have, but I love doing it. I enjoy shopping for shoes, clothes, and home decor. A few of my favorite shopping places are Pier 1, LNY, and BCBG. I hope to someday win a shopping spree for thousands of dollars!!

Student Resources
Ways I Can Integrate Techonology
Live Text Portfolio
E-Book Website
E-Book Lesson Plan 1
E-Book Lesson Plan 2
Websites for Practicum Teaching Classrooms
Website for Student Teaching Classroom
Educational Activities Website for Student Teaching

email: albenjamin@valdosta.edu