Fantastic Fall Fun
This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Smith's First Grade Class
at Lake Park Elementary School
by Angie Sowell, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Have fun with Fall!  Visit these cool web sites to learn more about the colors of fall, why leaves change colors and information about daylight savings time.  You will even learn about the history of the first Thanksgiving.  So, jump right in and start exploring with videos, poetry, stories and pictures


Thanksgiving is a very important part of fall.  Read a story about the first Thanksgiving here.
If you click onto this site you can play many games related to Thanksgiving.  Have fun!
On this neat web site you can go back to the year of the very first Thanksgiving.
During the fall season the leaves change colors.  The leaves change from green to brown, orange and yellow.  Visit this web site to learn why they change colors.
Do you want to watch a fun movie about how the different colors of fall happen?  Click onto this web site now.
Are you interested in writing your own poetry?  Visit this web site to read poems written by kids, just like you.
Here you can learn everything there is to know about pumpkins.  You can also see the worlds LARGEST pumpkin!
In the fall squirrels gather nuts to store for the winter months.  Visit this web site to learn interesting information about squirrels.
In the fall our days get shorter and it gets dark earlier.  Learn about daylight savings time at this web site.
All of the fall colors are so pretty. Visit this web site to color your own page with fall colors.


Scenario Mission

     Imagine that you are a teacher.  You have your own classroom of twenty students.  You have just finished a lesson on Halloween and your next lesson will be about Thanksgiving.  Before you begin the Thanksgiving lesson you will have your students draw a special picture for school's Fall Festival.
    Before you give the students their assignment you will create a sample picture.  This will help your students to understand what is expected of them.  You have decided to ask the students to draw a picture depicting at least one element of fall.  They can draw anything from pumpkins to pilgrims.  This is a very special project because everyone's fall pictures will be displayed at the Fall Festival.
    It is now your job to draw the example for your students. Remember to include at least one element of fall, but you can use more if you like.  Use this topic page to help tickle your creative bones.  Web sites like PumpkinNook will help with your mission.  Good Luck!

Mission Steps

1)  Explore all of the wonderful web sites above like or 
2)  As you are visiting the web sites begin to think about the fall images you want to draw for your Fall Festival picture.
3)  Start work on drawing your masterpiece.
4)  Give the drawing to your teacher.  Make sure you are able to explain the drawing to her if she asks.  Your teacher will put your picture on the internet. You might even be asked to share your drawing with the class.

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