The Rainbow Fish
By:  Marcus Pfister
Designed By: Angie Sowell

    The Rainbow Fish is a book about the most beautiful fish in the sea.  The Rainbow Fish had very beautiful and bright colored scales.  Some of his scales were shiny!  Although the Rainbow Fish had beautiful scales, he had no friends.  He thought he was far too pretty and shiny to be friends with the plain scaly fish.

    He soon became tired of not having friends and asked a wise octopus what to do.  The wise octopus told him to share his beautiful and shiny scales with the other fish in the sea.  The Rainbow Fish did share one scale with each fish until he was left with just one shiny scale.  Each time the Rainbow Fish gave away a shiny scale, he gained a new friend.  He was much happier with only one shiny scale and a lot of brand new friends.

    If you were The Rainbow Fish how would you have reacted when a fish wanted just one of your shiny scales?

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