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Get Ready Silver City Comets...

The world is at your fingertips with the Renzulli Learning Lab.
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Silver City Elementary is a great place to work and offers the students wonderful opportunities.  Thanks to our generous PTA, Silver City will be offering a new program for all students.  Countywide, Forsyth County is educationally progressive, which enables our students to experience some truly creative forms of technology.  The Renzulli Learning Program is a fine example of this.  Renzulli assists teachers in meeting each student where they are, in a way that makes sense to them.  In "school speak", we call that differentiation. 

I love Forsyth County!  I grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Georgia in 1992 when I got married.  Seventeen years of marriage to a great man, two fabulous kids, and a big lazy Bassett Hound later, I absolutely call Georgia home...(Although, I would be perfectly happy to get rid of the humidity!)   I became a Bulldog fan by marriage until we lived outside of Athens, Georgia for two years.  Now I am a full-fledged Bulldog lover.  Athens was a wonderful place to live, and, if you have never taken a day-trip there for a visit, I highly recommend it.   There is nothing like a college town.  Athens is rich with history, and how could you not love Uga, the mascot?!  I love photography and it was a great place to take fantastic pictures.  There are huge bulldogs scattered around the city that make for great backdrops!  We enjoyed our time in Athens, but are very happy to be back in Cumming, reconnecting with friends and family.

The Renzulli Learning Lab will be a wonderful enrichment tool and has already received rave reviews from classes that got a sneak peek last year.  Once the students have taken the inventory and their portfolio is on file, the fun begins.  The teacher can then identify areas in which a student may be struggling and assign activities for the students that incorporate their interests, and learning styles.  Each teacher will have the flexibility to create individual, small group or entire class assignments.  Also, students will be able to utilize this program at home.  The Renzulli Learning website is worth a look.  It will give you a clearer picture of the capabilities and answer questions in more detail.  Whether your child is interested in sports, music, science, or architecture, Renzulli will shed light in a fun and engaging manner on any subject!

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