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"Between the Hedges"

Designed by:  Amanda Ricketson


Hello, my name is Amanda Ricketson.  I am from Hazlehurst , Georgia.  I recieved my Associate of Science Degree from South Georgia College in the summer semester of 2006.  I am currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Education at Valdosta State University.  I am ready to finish my degree and go forward to teach.  I hope that I will have an impact on the lives of my students and the lives of others around me.


    manda and brent                          mom and dad                              peanut

           Brent and I                                                                  Dad, Mom, and I                                                                         Peanut

I love to do several different things in my spare time. My favorite thing to do is cook.  I like to make and try new things.  I also like to watch football, if you couldn't tell.  GO DAWGS!!  I love to travel and see new sights.  Just leaving and going somewhere in the moment is my favorite.  Below is a photo from a trip to Callaway Gardens Christmas of 2005.  I have a wonderful family.  Above is a picture of my dad, mom, and I.  I also have a older brother named Josh.  I have the GREATEST boyfriend in the whole wide world.  Above is a picture of he and I.  I could not ask for a greater person to spend the rest of my life with.

I have found several websites that are excellent for teachers.  The first is A to Z Teachers.  It is a great site with educational games, quizzes, puzzles , and experiments.  Another wonderful site is PBS Teacher Source.  It is full of lesson plans, science, social studies, math, and many other subjects.

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