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 My name is Ashley Carter.  I’m twenty-one years old and I was born in Waycross, Georgia.  Around the age of six my family and I moved to Blackshear, Georgia where I graduated from Pierce County High School.  After graduation, I attended Waycross College where I received my associate degree in Early Childhood Education.  Ask any of my family or friends and they will tell you without a doubt, I was born to be a teacher

As far back as I can remember I have loved teaching.  My siblings and parents were my first students.  I would take advantage of any family member that would be willing to sit in my set-up classroom while I pretended to conduct school.  My mother was most gracious to lend her ironing board as my teacher's desk. 

I would assign the class different projects and studies.  Each one knew that it was in their best interest if they wanted a good grade to submit their work on a timely manner.  It feels as if it was yesterday.  Now I’m fulfilling a lifetime dream and each semester at Valdosta State University I am a little closer to beginning what I was born to do.  

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My two year old niece, Ayla, has become the newest addition to my student body.  Ayla loves “Dora the Explorer” and together we have shared many moments watching the TV show.  In every episode, Dora goes on an exploring trip to help someone or to find something.  Throughout the show kids are asked to help along the journey and the show actually pauses long enough for children to formulate a response.

 In my observation, I have concluded the techniques used by the show's creators can help in the development of a child's decisive puzzle solving skills.  In addition to teaching problem-solving skills the show introduces children to simple Spanish vocabulary.  A word is introduced in English for example, "open" then repeated in Spanish "abrir".  Throughout the episode the word is incorporated into the plot and is repeated numerous times.  The introduction of a second language at an early age could stimulate the child's curiosity in foreign languages and encourage the child's ability to achieve fluency.

 As I progress through the courses of my study in the Early Childhood Education Departments at Valdosta State University, I eagerly anticipate the day that I can actually have my own classroom of students where I can help fulfill their educational needs and offer encouragement as they work to achieve their own dreams.

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