Farm Animals
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Bass's Kindergarten Class at Quitman Elementary School by Ashleigh Keel, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

horsechickenbig red barnroosterpig

What kind of animals do we see on a farm?  Have you ever been on a farm?  We are going to find out what kind of animals are on a farm and why they live on a farm.  We also will find out what different sounds each animal on the farm makes.

We are going to find out some information about the sheep.  We use  the sheep for many different reasons.  One of these reasons is for clothes.  Look into this website to find out fun things about sheep.
We are going to look at the turkey. Can you think of some reasons why it is important for a farm to have a turkey?  Look and see.
What are some other animals that you might find on a farm.  We will find out what other animals might be seen on a farm and what they do.
We will now look at the different sounds that farm animals make.  Do you think you know what sound a cow makes?
What are some animals that you think are on a farm?  Let's look in this website to find out.
baby sheep
There are many animals on a farm but what are some of the animals that we first think of.  Here is a page on which animals we think of first.
Do you know what livestock is?  Let's take a look in the Encyclopedia Britannica and find out.
What do you think ducks and geese do on a farm?   Well just take a look at this website and find out.
We all want to be safe while on a farm.  Here are some fun rules that will keep us safe and still let us have fun.
There are many animals on a farm. Let's use our alphabet and find animals that start with A,B, C.....

Scenario Mission

  Imagine that you are a farmer.  What kind of animals what you want on your farm?  Let's look and see why these animals are on a farm and what they do on the farm.  Why are they so important to the farmer?  We will look at different animals and you will pick 2 animals that you think would be important to you if you were a farmer.  Then draw a picture of each animal and tell me why you picked those 2 animals.

Mission Steps

1. Visit the website that tells us what different animals are on a farm and what they do.

2. What are some of the animals that you saw and read about?  Think back to the animals that you liked the best and think about what they did on the farm.  Pick out 2 animals that you would want on your farm.

3.  When you have decided what animals you want on your farm, draw a picture of these 2 animals and tell your teacher why you picked these animals.  Your teacher will write down on the back of your paper why you picked these animals.

4. Give your papers to your teacher and she will look over them and then publish them on the internet.

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