by Don Freeman
Picture & Page Designed by Ashleigh Keel

Corduroy under the covers
Corduroy is hiding under the covers so that the security guard will not find him.

    Corduroy is a  stuffed bear who is in a department store.  He has been on the shelf for a long time and wants a home and someone to love him so badly.  One day he is sitting on the shelf, as he does everyday all day long, and a little girl comes up to him and begs her mother to buy him for her because he is what she has always wanted.  Her mother looks at him and says that he looks old and points out that he is missing a button.  Corduroy looks down and notices that he is indeed missing a button.
     When the store closes, Corduroy crawls down off of his shelf to look for his missing button. He goes up the escalator to the furniture department.  When he sees all of the big furniture and beds he thinks that he has entered a palace.  He walks through and notices a button on a bed.  He thinks that this is his missing button.  He jumps on the bed and starts to pull up the button that is sewn onto the mattress.  He pulls and pulls and pulls and the button will not come off.  He pulls one more time and falls backwards knocking down a lamp.  A security guard hears the noise and runs upstairs.  Corduroy hides under the cover of a bed and the security guard finds him and puts him back on the toy shelf.
      The next day, the little girl who wanted Corduroy so badly comes to the store and buys him.  She takes him home and shows him his new room and his own little bed next to hers.  She then sews a button on his overalls and tells him that she likes him the way he is, but thought that he would be more comfortable with a button.

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