All About Me & Perseverance
This TopicQuest was Designed for Ms. Jone's Kindergarten Class at W.G. Nunn Elementary School
By Abbie Chastain, A Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

finish line

Hello kids! Welcome to this fun filled webpage! Do you know what it means to persevere? It is probably the most important key to sucess in life. You must have perseverance to accomplish all of your goals. So, keep on keepin' on.


Here you can find the dictionary meaning of  perseverence. Make sure that you check this site so that you can make everything that you do a success.
choo choo
Can you think of any stories that have perseverence as the main theme of the story? Well, here is a site that has one of the best stories that shows that persevering pays off. Check out  The Little Engine That Could.
Have you ever read The Giving Tree? It is an awesome book. It tells the story of how a tree never gives up on his friend and it pays off in the end of the story. Read this story to see another example of why you shoule persevere.
Lance Armstrong is an extroidnary man that has overcome many diffucult obstacles in his life. If any one had a role model for perseverence, it would definately be Lance Armstrong. Make sure you check out the awesome pictures of him winning all of his bicycle races.
Everyone one of you are going to grow up and be something strong and brave. This site tells about students that are your age and the things that they want to be when they grow up. While you are looking at what the other kids have to say, make sure you think about what you want to persevere to be in life.
There are many things that you can be when you grow up. This website shows examples of different community helpers that you can be. Also, while you are looking at this site make sure that you think about what you want to be when you grow up.

Mission Activity
You are now all grown up and it is type for you to find your dream job. There is a little problem at hand though. You cannot seem to find the type of job that you want to have. So, using perseverence, you must overcome this hard time and make it until you can get your dream job. You are going to become the person that works at your dream job. Make sure that you research what you want to do well because you will have to explain it later.

Mission Steps
1.You will need to visit the first site about what students your age say they want to be when they grow up.
2.You will need to vist the site that talks about different types of community workers.
3.You will need to decide what kind of job you are going to take as an adult.
4.You will then draw a picture of what you are going to be when you grow up.
5.You will explain what you have drawn and tell why you have chose the job that you have.

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