Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type
Written By Doreen Cronin
Illustrated By Betsy Lewin

Picture and Page Designed by Abbie Chastain

Click,Clack, Moo

    Farmer Brown is having a lot of trouble out of his cows. They are refusing to work. Farmer Brown becomes very upset with the cows.
    After Farmer Brown becomes upset with the cows, hens team up with the cows to stop working. Farmer Brown becomes even more upset with the animals.
    Because Farmer Brown cannot get the animals to provide, he ask the duck, which isn't on either the animal's or Farmer Brown's side, to go and deliver a letter to the animals. The animals recieve the letter and send one back to Farmer Brown.

Critical Thinking Question:
If you were the animals, what item would be the one thing that you would have asked for from Farmer Brown?

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