Journey Through The Jungle
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Whitesell's Kindergarten Class at Quitman Elementary School By Amanda Calhoun, a Valdosta State Universty Preservice Teacher

The Jungle Book

Have you ever watched the movie "The Jungle Book"? If so, did you become interested about the animals in the jungle? Would you like to know more about these animals? Would you like to sing-a-long with some of these animal characters? Let's take a journey through the jungle!

The Jungle Book
1. What animals can be found in the jungle? What insects can be found the jungle? This website will show the different animals that live in the jungle. (Click on jungle on the left side of the screen) Do you know what it sounds like in the jungle? The students will get to listen to a jungle environment on this website. (Click on number 4, Amazon jungle)
The Jungle book
2. What songs can the students sing with the jungle animals about good character traits? (By using the sing link) The students can learn to write sentences using the e-mail link to write sentences to the different character animals of the jungle.
The Jungle Book
3. What is the main continent that jungles are located on? What is another continent that jungles are located on? The students will view maps of the continents.
The Jungle Book
4. Do you know the definition of jungle? The students will learn the definition of jungle from this encyclopedia.
The Jungle book
5. Do you know what the king animal of the jungle is? Do you know how long a lion's life span is? The students will learn many facts about lions from this website.
The Jungle Book
6. Would you like to go on a jungle quest? This website will allow the students to play a jungle quest game. In the jungle quest game, the students will help Kimma find the missing package from Sarillion in the jungle.  

Mission Activity
Today we are going to take a journey through the jungle. Imagine that you are a reporter for National Geographic magazine, and you need some amazing pictures of the animals in the jungle. During our journey we will visit with many different animals. After you visit with these animals you will pick your favorite animal in the jungle. Your job will be to draw an example of your favorite animal to get published in the magazine. Today you learned to identify the letter J/j. Under your picture you will write a sentence having at least one word that starts with the letter J/j in it.

Mission Steps
1. The students will visit the Virtual Zoo website.

2. As you journey, think about which one of the jungle animals is your favorite.

3. You will draw a picture of your favorite animal to get published in the magazine.

4. Under the picture, you will write a sentence about your picture using at least one word that begins with the letter J/j.

5. You will show your picture and read your sentence to the class.

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The Jungle Book


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