Fish Tales
Paint Picture and Story Designed by Amanda Calhoun


    Spotty the fish is a very unusual fish. He was born with bright green spots unlike any other fish. Everyday he swims in the lake. When he meets other fish, they tell him that he does not belong in the lake because he has bright green spots. The other fish make fun of him. They bully him and call him names. So he went home to tell his mother about the other fish being mean to him. She told him that he was the most beautiful fish in the entire lake. His mother also told him that he was special, because there is no other fish that looks like him. This gave Spotty a lot of self esteem about his self. When his mother went to kiss him good night she told him not to listen to the other fish in the lake. She reminded him once more that he was very beautiful and special to her and that was all that mattered. When he awoke the next morning, he had a huge smile on his face. He felt really good about his self.  He decieced that when he saw the other fish today, that he would just smile at them no matter what they would say to him. As he swam past the other fish they began to laugh and he just looked at them and smiled. He told them that he was not going to listen to anything that they said. They saw his courage and never made fun of him again!


Critical thinking questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:
1. How would you change the main character? (Introduction)
2. Where would your story takes place? (Setting)
3. What would happen to the main character in your story? (Plot)
4. How would your story end? (Ending)

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