This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Downing's Pre-K Class at J.L. Lomax  Elementary School
Designed By Ashley Burdette, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

picture of a bike

picture of thomas the train
What kind of track does a train move on? Trains are a form of transportation that not only carry people but other useful resources too.
boat, train, cars, airplane
Can anyone name some forms of transportation? Barney and friends website is a great way to show different forms of transportation and how they are used.
picture of fire truck
How do fire trucks help save lives?  Sparky the dog is a fire dog that tells all about fire safety and the parts of the fire truck.
bike helment and knee pads
What type of equipment is important while riding a bike?  When riding a bike it is good to know all of the ways to be safe.

Topic Mini-Research Real-World Activity
    Today the principal has asked the class to create an article for the school newspaper. Since we are learning about bicycle safety I thought it would be great to show the principal what we know. The article will show the rules we have learned about bicycle safety. We will draw pictures and label the tips for good bicycle safety.

   Steps to Complete Real-World Activity

1) Go to the website and explore the title Have A Safe Ride. Put the safety gear where you think it might go on the child. This will help you get a better understanding about bicycle safety.
2) On a piece of paper draw one tip you might need when riding a bike.
3) Label what you drew and why it might be important.
4) When you are done we will put them together, show them to the class, and turn them into the principal for the school paper.

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