Food Facts & Tips

This Page is designed for Mrs. Personette's Kindergarten Class at
Hahira Elementary School by Amy Houston, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


food pyramid1.  To learn how to eat healthy, go to this site for information. It contains the food pyramid and excellent sources for nutrition.

table place setting2.  Good  table manners are important!  This site will help you, it contains a list of proper table manners.

person washing their hands 3.  Everyone should know how to handle and prepare food safely.  This contains tips for food safety, coloring books, word match, crossword puzzles and songs.

cooking utensils4.  If you enjoy cooking, go to this site.  It contains kids recipes for the yummiest and messiest food.

slice of pizza  5.  Check out the best and worst food.  This site contains a list of the food choices along with eating tips and more.

dairy products 6.  Check out the facts on dairy processing.  This site contains a slide show from farm to fridge.

chocolate birthday cake 7.  If you like chocolate, go to this site.  It has information on how chocolate is made and a chocolate tour of Hershey's.

pig8.  If you want to learn more about pork, go to this site.  It is fun for kids and has games, contests and a farm tour.

blueberry9.  Fruit is delicious and good for you.  This site has everything you need to know about fruit plus a fruit alphabet, games and postcards.

carrot10.  Try planting your own vegetable garden.  Go to this site for tips on planting a garden and more.

"Chef For A Day"
Scenario Activity

Imagine you are a famous chef and you are suppose to be preparing a nutritious meal for the President of the United States.  You are to include food from the different food groups. 

Students are to draw a pictures of the food that they would serve for the President of the United States on paper plates.  Students will list their nutritious menu on paper.

Students should go to the food pyramid to help will their selection of the foods.  Also, students may want to visit best and worst food choices.

For more information see my topic lesson plan.

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