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My name is Alexia Gedward and I am a student at Valdosta State University. I am majoring in Early  Childhood Education with a minor in African American Studies. I was born in Atlanta, GA. I am the oldest child.  I had so many wonderful teachers in elementary school that inspired me to become a teacher. I want my classroom to be a family environment so that children can have a place that makes them comfortable and makes learning fun.

My hobbies are spending time with my family, reading books, and shopping. I enjoy spending time with my mom and my little sister every chance I get. They are my biggest supporters. I enjoy reading books in my spare time because I like the calmness that books bring to me. If it was not for the teachers and my mom teaching me how to read and showing me how to enjoy reading I do not think I would have the joy for books that I do now.
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A website that  I thought was good for parents, teachers, and kids is PBS for Kids. This website has a lot of fun things about different subjects that kids can learn about. This website had information about parents about how they can help kidsmotivate kids to learn. For the teachers it has information about different activities that teachers can do for different subjects such as Math. Another website that it good also is Scholastic. Scholastic can help teachers, and parent with ways to help the children read and it also have diferent information about different books that are coming out and activities that teachers can do with the different books.

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