Barking Through Education
Designed by Alison McCrary


    My name is Alison McCrary and I am a Senior at Valdosta State University. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and will be graduating in 2010. I have not decided what I would like to do after graduation but I do have a few options. If finding a job proves to be difficult, I would like to start my masters while maybe substitute teaching.
    I have several teachers in my family and several of my friend's parents are teachers. Even when I was young, I have always loved to pretend to be the teacher with stuffed animals and my friends as the students. I was a Sunday School teacher for a second grade class for three years and then decided that I really did want to become a teacher. I fought changing my major for a long time and took business classes, all the while really wishing my major was Early Childhood Education. I am very excited to be starting the program and know this is what I am supposed to be studying!
    I am also very active in my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. The ADPi website tells general information about our sorority and shows pictures of some of the girls who are currently in ADPi. I am starting my senior year in ADPi. I have held many offices which include, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Recruitment Information Manager. I have loved being in a sorority during college but will be glad to graduate. I have made many friends and feel like I have more connections throughout Valdosta and even in other parts of Georgia.
I have found a couple of websites that could be useful in teaching Early Childhood Education. One website is the Kids Know It website. This website has many activities for students to explore, play, and learn. Many subjects are covered such as history, geology, spelling, and biology. This seems like a fun website that would grab student's attention and make learning fun. Also, PBS kids now has a website that relates to it's T.V. shows. PBS is very educational and always filled with information. Parents can trust information and activities that are put on the PBS website.

 adpi                  brother
                                                                              Family in ADPi                                                               Me and My Brother at the Aquarium  

Phillies in Philly
 My friend Jaimie


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