Splash Into the Sea with Us!

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. O' Haire's Kindergarten Class at Dewar Elementary School By Amy Boland, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Have you ever been to the ocean before?  Oceans are very important to life on Earth.  They affect our climate, they also provide energy, food, oxygen, and minerals for all living things.   Do you know that there is only  one ocean.  It is divided into five parts:  the Pacific, Atlantic, Artic, Antartic, and Indian Oceans.  There are also small seas, bays, and gulfs that contribute to the ocean. Did you know that the ocean covers almost 75% of the Earth's surface  and contains roughly 97% of the Earth's drinking water.  Did you know  there are thousands of different animals  that live in the ocean.  Some of the animals are friendly, but some can  be painful and deadly.  If you are ready  to explore the different kinds of animals, get suited up  and dive on in!

 Sea Turtles
Sea Turtle
Did you know that a sea turtle can swim as fast as 15 miles per hour?  Click on sea turtle to find out more interesting facts about them.

Swimming Dolphins
For all kinds of interactive undersea fun, swim on in to this website!
Coral Reefs
Coral Reefs
Did you know that a fish or a school of fish play a vital role in the reef's food web?  Click on this site to find out more fun facts about coral reefs.
Sea Creatures
Sea Games
Do you like to play games?  Then check this website out for hours of fun.
Did you know that mamatees feed six to eight hours a day and rest two to twelve hours per day.  Visit this website to learn more about manatees.
This site gives the definition of oceans.
Coloring Pages
Coloring Sheets
This website lets you choose all kinds of sea animals to color!
Killer Whales
Do you know who Free Willy is?  Do killer whales really kill?  Visit this website to find out if killer whales are deadly?
Did you know that there are over 350 different species of sharks?  Becareful diving into this site to find out more fun facts about sharks.
Do you know that the stingray is cousin to the shark?  Find out more about stingrays on this website.

Scenario Mission
Mission Project

You are a reporter for The Sea World Weekly Reader.  The editor, your boss, has given you a special assignment.  You get to ride in a submarine under the  ocean and discover the sea life of the critters who live there.  You will be required to report on 2 different critters.   

    Your editor wants you to tell about your trip and report on 2 different sea critters for your article.  You will need to describe the 2 sea critters and compare their eating habits and environments. 

     In addition, your editor wants you to draw a picture of each of the sea critters to put with your article in The Sea World Weekly Reader. 

       The TopicQuest Page has some links you might want to stop at in your submarine for information about the sea. The Sea Critters  website tells about sea critters and the underwater world. 

Have a Good Trip!

Mission Steps

1. Explore with your teacher Sea Critters for information to write article and draw pictures for The Sea World Weekly Reader.

2. Write or describe to your teacher 2 sea critters and compare their types of environments and feeding habits for your article. 

3. Add the drawings of the 2 sea critters to your article.

4. Give your article and drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.

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