by Ian Falconer
Paint Picture developed by:  Amy Boland

Olivia in Ballgown

 OLIVIA by Ian Falconer is about a little pig girl who is full of energy and is always getting into something. She often wears herself out. Olivia has a little brother named Ian who will never leave her alone.  Olivia also has a little dog named Perry and a cat named Edwin the cat.  Olivia is a very fashionable pig and has to try on her whole wordrobe before she goes out.
     Olivia goes to the beach and builds sand castles and gets very sun burnt so she decides it is time to go home and  take a nap her mother says but of course she is not tired.  On rainy days she goes to the museum and looks at the pictures for a long time,  Olivia decides to replicate the picture on the wall by painting one on her bedroom wall.  Olivia's mother isn't very happy with her so, she get sent to time out. After time out, she has to take a bath, eat dinner,and then its time for dinner. But Olivia isn't sleepy. Can you guess whats next?
Critical Thinking
What do you think Olivia is going to do next?
What do you like to do before you go to bed?

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