Exploring Rocks!
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Griffin's Third Grade Class
at Berrian County Primary School
Designed By Ashley Stephens,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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What are rocks?  Find general information about the three different types of rocks.
rocks How are rocks created?  Check out the rock cycle to see how rocks are formed.
pretty rocks
What type of rock do I have?  Learn how to tell an igenous rock from a sedimentary rock from a metamorphic rock.
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Have you ever wanted to create your very own rock?  Learn how the 3 types of rocks are formed and create your own rock at home!

School wide Science Fair Real World Activity
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You are entering the school wide Science Fair.  Create your tri-fold background mini-posterboard for your rock experiment.  The winner of the Science Fair will get a $25.00 voucher to use at the school bookfair.  The winning student will also receive an article in the local paper and will move on to the county level science fair.  There is a lot on the line here so make sure you add everything on your tri-fold mini-poster that will help everyone understand your knowledge about rocks and their formation.  Check out the Fast Faqs website about rocks so that you can gather your information for you to create your AWESOME poster board!


Steps for Real World Activity
Step 1:  Visit the Fast Faqs website and take notes on each rock (the name, one fact about it, and where that type of rock comes from).
Step 2:  Take your sheet of lineless paper and fold it into three sections (tri-fold design)      
  tri-fold brochure
Step 3:  List the three different types of rocks in each section (one rock per section).
Step 4: For each section write one fact describing that particular rock.
Step 5:  Last draw a picture of where each rock comes from under the correct section.
Step 6:  When your mini-posterboard is complete turn it into the science fair judges for them to review it.

Topic Literature Acitivity

By:  Sally M. Walker
book cover

Topic Literature Activity
Arock cycle  Let's first look at a website about the rocks and the rock cycle.
B.  Four questions of understanding about rocks.
1.  Most of the Earth is made of rock. What is the Earth's rocky outer layer called?
2.  What do we call melted rock that is inside Earth?
3.  Some  rock is made  of small pieces of mud, sand, or stones.  What are theses pieces called?
4.  What can cause a rock change?

C.  List your 2 critical thinking questions based on your book. 
1.  Why do you think that rocks come in different shapes, sizes, and colors?
2.  If you could create your very own rock what type would you create and why?

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