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Hello! My name is Ashley Stephens.  I am from Macon, Georgia but i've traveled the world due to my father's service in the military.  I am currently attending Valdosta State University which is located in Valdosta Geroriga.  I am in the Interrelated Special Education/Early Childhood Education program with aspirations of obtaining a masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology.   I am very enthused about playing such a major role in children's lives, and I am also extremely excited about starting my career in the education field. 
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I love spending time with my family, while shopping and talking on the phone are also some of my favorite past times.   Currently I am a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  I volunteer at least one hour every week by going to a local elementary
school talking, playing, and educating my "little buddy".  I have been involved in this program for over a year now and the impact that my "buddy" has had on my life and that which I have returned to him cannot be compared to anything in the world!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Inc.

I have lived in several
differnt areas of the world and some would call me an "Army brat!"  Born in North Carolina my family and I moved to Texas, Germany, New York, Florida, and ended up residing in Georgia.  I have had the priviledge of going on several cruises to Nassau which is the capital city of The Islands of the Bahamas and my all time favorite trip was to Cancun Mexico.

Cancun, Mexico

As a future teacher I feel as though helping one another is one of the many keys to obtaining an all around prosperous environment for students.  Sharing ideas and techniques will enhance all of the students learning.  Two wonderful websites that I stumbled upon could be helpful in creating activities as well as lesson plans.  Enchanted Learning holds information about everything from the alphabet to birds, to the study of Astronomy.  The other site is Apple Juice which teachers can use and students can find it helpful and entertaining as well.  Fun and ideas are merely a click away…

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