Autumn is the Season
The Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for Mrs. Thigpen's Preschool classroom at Lake Park Elementary
Designed By Alexandria McLendon, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


What year did the Pilgrims sail to America? Go to an informational website about Pilgrims to find the answer.
In the fall, leaves turn many different colors. What color are the leaves in the fall? On this website look at the pictures to see what colors the leaves become in the fall.
During Autumn it is also the time for pumpkins. Visit the pumpkin website and find out what sound "u" makes in the word pumpkin. The students can also make their own pumpkin.
Go to the Thanksgiving Website and find out the symbol of Thanksgiving.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

    Imagine you are a scientist and you can travel back in time. So you decide to visit the First Thanksgiving. Your job is to observe the Pilgrims and their surroundings because the First Thanksgiving was during fall season. Draw the fall leaves that the Pilgrims would have seen. For example, you can draw trees with the color of fall leaves. Be sure to draw accurate pictures because your examples will be shown to others.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

1) Visit the websites linked above to gather information for your picture.
2) Draw your pictures of the fall leaves using the information you learned.
3) Describe your drawing to your teacher so he or she can write your descriptions and facts.
4) Then your picture will be posted and shown to others.

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