What Do You Know About The Weather?
This Topic Mini-Research was developed
 for Mrs. Laural Heard's First Grade Class at Cook Primary School
Designed By Angie Graham, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


What causes a tornado to touch the ground?  Take a look at this neat website about  tornadoes to find out this answer and much more.
Does a hurricane have to have water to form?  Find out more about hurricanes at Weather Wiz Kids.
How long does a thunderstorm usually last?  Check out the FEMA website for kids to find out this fact and more interesting facts about thunderstorms.
How cold does it have to be to snow?  Click here to find out about this answer and many more facts about snow from Thinkquest.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

 Pretend you are going to give a presentation to your first grade class on the different characteristics of different types of weather.  You will choose one type of weather to speak on. It could be about tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms or snow.  In your presentation, you will show the picture that you drew in the Paint program and tell about the type of weather you learned about from the Internet.  Your classmates will gain a lot of knowledge from your presentation.
Steps to Complete Real World Activity

1. Choose your topic from one of the following and click
    on that word.  It will open up that website.
    Tornado, Hurricane, Thunderstorm or Snow.

2.  Look back over the information that we learned
and look over any pictures on the website. 

3. Write down three characteristics or important
    facts that
you know about your type of weather.

4.  Click out of your website.

5. Go into the Paint program and draw a picture of your
     favorite type of weather.

6. Print your picture and attach it to your facts. 

7.  You are ready for your presentation.

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