An Apple Full of Knowledge
This Topic Quest was designed for My Little Apple Dumplings
by Annette Goolsby, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Do you want a snack that's good to eat and that's good for you ? Have you ever wondered how to make an apple pie? If you answered yes then you  are on the right webpage.  Once you scroll through this site you will find out all about the nutrients and great taste of an apple.

1.  What is round, usually red and often found on a teacher's desk?  If you answered apple then look at this site and find out just what an apple is.
2.  What's your favorite dessert?  Have you ever thought about making your own apple pie?  This site   will teach you how to make your very own apple pie.
3.If you're wandering what category an apple fits in visit this site.  This food pyramid will help children stay physically fit.
4.  To find a fruit that's good for you and good to you, stop here. Did you know that the National Cancer institute  of America recommends 5 servings of fruit per day?
5.  There are over 7500 variety of apples.  To view these different variety of apples click here .
6.Explore this site if you want to find out how and where apple trees are grown .  Growing apple trees in the home garden can be fun and rewarding.

Now that you know what an apple is , where they are grown, and some different varieties of apples let's test your knowledge.  Mom is going to make an apple pie.  Since you are the apple expert, mom is going to let you pick out the perfect apple from Johnny's Apple Farm.  On your trip you discover many different types of apple trees.  Mom wants you to bring her three apples from three different trees.  Once you have the apples inside she would like for you to label each one.  Once the apples are labled, group them according to color and texture.  If you need help grouping the apples look here.
Mission Steps
1.  Explore the different websites about apples
After you've learned all about apples, go out and pick three  apples from  three different  trees.
3.  Once you have the apples inside, label and group each apple according to color and texture.
4.  After completing labeling and grouping draw a picture of each apple you picked.

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