Hopping into Spring orange flower
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Martin's Pre-Kindergarten
class at Clyattville Elementary School by Amy Brosemer, a Valdosta
State University Preservice Teacher

Sun Winking

Everybody loves Spring!  The weather starts to become warmer.  Flowers and trees are in bloom with wonderful colors.  Exciting holidays like Easter, Mother's Day, Earth Day, and May Day are also all in Spring!  Look at the websites below to find many exciting facts about Spring!

Spring Flower
Spring time is here!  But, why?  Check this website out to find out why we have different seasons.
Easter Rabitt on Pogo Stick
When someone says, "Spring", you automatically think of Easter.  Right?  Easter is a very big holiday that happens during spring.  Come and look at this website that has many fun activities with the Easter Rabbit and Easter Eggs!
Easter Mice
Bethany Roberts wrote a book called Easter MiceThis is her website with many fun Easter activities that go along with her book. 
bunnies in flowers
Rabbits are a big part of Easter and spring.  Visit this website to learn how to take care of a pet rabbit
Rabbit in the grass
Encarta has great information about rabbits.  Check out the slide show which will show you many pictures of different types of rabbits!
bunny thumping foot
Now that you know all about rabbits, why don't you make some bunny ears so that you can look like one too?
Flowers and plants are in bloom all around us in Spring!  Would you like to learn how to plant and take care of your garden?  This site will tell you just what you need to know.
The first day of may is May Day!  Find out a little about this fun day. 
Girl with heart
We can't forget Mother's Day!  It is a very important Spring holiday just for Mom.  Find out about the first Mother's Day ever and get some great ideas for gifts for your mom.
Bunny with shovel and globe
Earth Day is also a Spring  holiday!  Check this website out to find out about how Earth Day came to be, some Earth Day games and some activities that you can do to help clean up the environment. 
Rabbit hopping
Bunny Missionrabbit footprints

Oh, No!  The Easter Bunny needs your help!  He has lost his ears and he needs your help to find them in time for Easter, but they just cannot be found!  You will have to be creative and make a pair of ears for the Easter Bunny so that he can deliver all of his goodies to the children. 

Mission Steps

1.  You need to make a pair of ears for the Easter Bunny, but what are they supposed to look like?  Check these rabbits out to get some ideas.
2.  Now that you know what bunny ears look like, start making those ears!  Ask your teacher for the materials you will need and look at this website for some directions on how to make your ears.
3.  When your done, show your teacher so she can take a picture of your ears to post on the Internet! 

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