Author:  Don Freeman
Page and Picture designed by Amy Brosemer

Corduroy picture

    Corduroy, a bear, lives in the toy department of a big store and waits everyday for someone to come and take him home.  One day, a little girl comes and decides she wants Corduroy.  However, her mother says they don't have the money right now, especially for a bear that is missing a button.  A sad Corduroy never knew he had a button missing and is determined to now find his loss item. 

    That night, Corduroy got off his shelf and started searching all over the department store for his button.  He even went up the escalator and into the furnishing department.  However, when Corduroy knocks over a lamp and the guard is alerted, Corduroy is then carried by the guard back to his shelf.

    The next day, though, the little girl comes back and tells Corduroy that she will use her own money in order to buy him.   They are both very excited.  The little girl takes Corduroy home where she sews on a new button for Corduroy's overalls and they become close friends.

Critical Thinking Questions

1.  If you were the little girl, what would you have done if your mom told you that she could not buy you Corduroy the bear.
2.  How do you think Corduroy felt when he heard the little girl's mom say he could not go home with them?
3.  How might the story be different if it was told in the point of view of the security guard of the department store?  The girl's mother?  The little girl?

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