Author:  Mercer Mayer
Picture By Amelia Wynn


     Just Going to the Dentist is one of the best books for children.  This book is mostly about Critters first trip to the dentist.  This is a very educational and helpful book for children who have never been to the dentist.  As Critter goes to the dentist, he takes you step by step through his visit.
    Not only is this book made to interest children, it also shows a good idea of what it is really like to visit the dentist.  While Critter plays with toys in the waiting room, he waits for his turn to see the dentist.  Critter leaves his mother and goes into a weird room where he gets his teeth cleaned.  Critter talks about how it makes his mouth tickle and that he gets to spit in the sink.  When Critter is all done at the dentist he gets a treat.
    Since going to the dentist can be scary for young children, this is a good book to help children overcome those fears.  Mercer Mayer is very good at illustrating Critter in a way that children can relate to.  After reading this book to young children you may ask them some questions to see if they understood the book. What did Critter do at the dentist?  What is your favorite part about going to the dentist?



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