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This TopicQuest page was designed for Mrs. Streat's Kindergarten Class at Ruskin Elementary by Alaycia Staten, a Valdosta State University Pre-Service Teacher.

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       Are you ready for Spring Break? Are you ready to go outside and have some fun in the sun?  Are you ready to get in the pool? Have you noticed a change in the weather? I hope you answered yes to the questions because Spring is in the air.  We are starting to have  warmer days, insects are beginning to move about, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the grass is getting greener . We are going to go on an adventure to find out about the many different things that happen during the Spring.  Come on!Join me to find out about the Sensational Spring Season.
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*Click on the picture to visit the website.*
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Would you like to know why and how  the weather changes from cold to hot, or from Winter to Spring? Well let's check out the website by clicking on the picture.

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Let's take a look at how plants or flowers start out as a seed and grow to become big pretty colorful plants or flowers.
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dancing flower

Let's get in the groove with  flower songs and poems to help us learn how to plant flowers.

happy easter egg

Easter is a Holiday that is celebrated in the Spring. Would you like to hear the story about Easter? Then click on the Easter egg and put your listening ears on to hear the story.

hoppimg bunny

Click on the hopping bunny for some Easter entertainment.  You will find coloring pages, puzzles, games, and other Easter activities.

bunny in egg

Easter word puzzles and coloring pages are great activites to do when you don't have anything to do.  If you like to color or do word puzzles visit this website by clicking on the picture.

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Insects begin to come out in the Spring.  They like to fly around and search for food. To find out more about insects, click on the picture. Then click on each alphabet letter to learn about the different insects for each alphabet letter.

Would you like to sing a song or read a poem about insects? This site will not only be fun but it will help you to remember some different types of insects.

earth day

Earth Day is celebrated in the Spring.  Do you know what Earth Day is? Click on the picture for a little history about Earth Day and some fun activities, crafts, and games.

mother's day clipart

Mother's Day is a holiday that we celebrate during the Spirng .Would you like to get some ideas to make your early Mother's Day gift.

said bunny

Oh, no something has happened to Mr. Bunny.  He has lost his Easter basket with his Spring flowers and his instructions how to plant them. He needs help from Mrs. Streat's kindergarten class.  Let's see if we can help him.

Mission Steps:
1.We will start our by visiting the website that tells us how to plant a garden.
2.Then we will pick one of the songs on the website to help us plant the flower.
3.Then we will draw a picture that shows the stages of a plant.
4.Then we will write a story about the different stages of a plant.
5.After the picture is completed, we will turn it in to the teacher for a grade.
6.Then we will use the steps that we have written about to help us plant real flowers.                                                                 
colorful easter basket of eggs

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