Zack's Alligator
Author: Shirley Mozelle
Pictures by: James Watts
Page Designed by: Alaycia Staten

moving alligator
An alligator

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     In the story, "Zack's Alligator" there was a little boy whose name was Zack.  One day, Zack received a box from his Uncle Jim.   Inside was a tiny alligator along with a note that said, "Water Bridget." 
    Zack immediately went into the bathroom and watered Brideget.  She began to grow and grow bigger.  She got too big for the sink, so Zack put her in the tub.  Bridget was a very friendly alligator.
    One day Zack and Bridget went to the park to play.  They played on the monkey bars and seesaw.  Zack friend Turk joined him later for a ride in the park on Bridget's back.  After a day of fun Bridget began to shrink and shrink and shrink.  She was now small again.  She was so small she was able to fit in Zack's pocket.

alligator bar

moving alligatorCritical Thinking Questions:
1.By looking at the front cover, what do you think the end of the story will be?                      

2.If you were Zack, would you keep the alligator or send it back to Uncle Jim? Why?

3.Why do you think Zack did not want his mother to see Bridget, the alligator? 

4. If you have an animal as your bestfriend, what kind and why?    

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