Ocean Life Is Fun!

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Burdette's Kindergarten Class at Omega Elementary School By Ashley May, A Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Are you ready to dive into an adventure filled with wacky sea life?  Put on your flippers and your mask and get ready to swim.  Be prepared to encounter colorful creatures that think you look funny!  Beware of the denizens of the deep blue sea and remember not to drink the water. 


Dolphins breathe just like you do.  Explore this Smithsonian site to see other sea animals that breathe air too.
Come have a fiesta with me and my friends under the sea.  See all the fish that love to display their brilliant colors in coloring worksheets.
Watch out for my jaws.  I have more teeth than the toothfairy cares to keep up with. Look at this site about teeth and see what I mean.
I love to draw with my lobster claws.  Check out this site to give you some great craft ideas.
 Did you know that the ocean is sometimes called a planet?  Explore planet ocean and see if mermaids live there.
Join the Orca at wet and wild Sea World.  Sea World has a ton of  information about life in the ocean.
It takes a school of fish to read the encyclopedia. Join them and find interesting information about ocean life.
Are there really horses in the sea?  To find out the answer about seahorses search this site and explore.
 The starfish wants to know what the bottom of the ocean looks like.  Click here and both of you can explore the ocean floor.
Do you like to play games with fish? Then visit this fishgames site for fun, fun, fun.

Scenerio Mission
     You have just been assigned to create a class book about the ocean.  You must explore the different animals that live in the ocean and decide which one is the most like you.  Write a story telling how you and your sea creature are alike and different

            You can pretend to be a deep sea diver as you are searching for the animal that is most like youYou can use an encyclopedia to find out what you need to know about your sea creature. You could also use the Enchanted Learning site that has many sea creatures on it.

Mission Steps

1)     Put on your diving suit.  Put on your flippers and get ready to explore.

2)     Log onto the Enchanted Learning site to find your special sea creature.

3)     Get your creative juices flowing and think of your story.  Draw a picture of your creature if that helps to get you started.

4)      Write your story telling how you and your sea creature are alike and different.  Also tell why you think this creature is like you.

5)      Here are some things to think about.  Does this creature eat breakfast like you or go to school like you?  Does the creature play sports or live with its family like you?

6)    This is your mission.  If you choose to accept it get ready to be creative.  Good luck and happy diving!

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