Oh, the Places You'll Go !

By Dr. Seuss
Designed by Ashley May

     Oh the Places You'll Go is a wonderful story about new beginnings for all ages.  This book was given to me as a gift when I graduated from college in 1998.  The story talks about the choices we make throughout life whenever we have something new to start.  You may go up and down good and bad streets.  You may not want to go down any streets in that town and want to move on.  Whatever path you choose sometimes you will end up in what the book calls "The Waiting Place".  You may be stuck here waiting for your " hair to grow", or waiting for the " phone to ring" , or waiting for your path to become clear to you.
     This story serves as an inspiration to not be afraid of trying new things.  You might just discover yourself in the process of taking on a challenge.  I enjoy Dr. Seuss books because they contain very basic messages about life that affect all ages and stages.  I especially love this book for kindergarten because I think teaching children to explore the world around them and to use their imagination is the best tool I can give them.  I recently heard a philosophy about life that I think relates to this story:  " Live as if you may die tomorrow, but learn as if you will live forever."

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