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Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Dr. Seuss

     I work at Omega Elementary as a paraprofessional in a kindergarten class with Miss Carrie Burdette.  Omega Elementary is located in Tift County in the city of Omega, Georgia.   This area of Georgia is heavily populated with migrant workers.  The class consists of 11 girls and  9 boys.  We have 50% white students and 50% hispanic students.   Many of our hispanic students are involved in the ESOL program for English as a second language.

     I love the creativity we get to use when we create activities for the kids.  I enjoy making overscaled drawings of the subjects we are teaching.  Just recently we studied about bears, and I made a six foot tall bear that the kids used in interactive writing.  We used sentence strips to write out bear facts and we displayed our bear outside our classroom door.  I always tell our students that I enjoyed kindergarten so much that I came back.

  Miss Carrie's class in is excited about the upcoming 99th birthday of Dr. Seuss.  On Monday March 3, 2003 we will celebrate the day with the whole day full of Seuss festivities. The National Educators Association has a Read Across America event.  Your school can ask that a reading event be held in your area.


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