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Designed By: Amy Hampton

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    Hey Everyone! My name is Amy Hampton. I am 21 years old. I have always lived in Moultrie, Georgia. I recently got married on May 10th 2008. This is my first semester at Valdosta State University. I am proud to say I am a junior here. I am in the Early Childhood and Special Education Department. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher just like my mother, sister, aunts, and cousins. When I become a teacher I hope to teach Kindergarten or First Grade. I am so glad to feel like my dream is coming true. I am very excited to be involved with children and helping them further their education.
a sunrise    A sunrise

a sunrise

    When I am not in school people usually find me at either one of three places. I may be at the Northside Volunteer Fire Department. I am not a member, but my husband is and I do many things for the fire department. I take pictures of them training and at calls. I am currently making a scrapbook for the fire station. Scrapbooking is another hobby of mine. I love to go to Hobby Lobby's  website and the store just to look around and get ideas for scrapbooking. I do not consider myself a creative person, but I try really hard. I feel that scrapbooking is going to really help me when I need to be creative as a teacher. If a person cannot find me at those two places, then I am either at home playing with my one year old chihuahua Angel or hanging around with my huge family.
    There is not a weekend that goes by that my whole family does not get together. Another place a person can find me is in my kitchen. It does not matter if I have had the longest day the best thing that I can do to unwind is cook. I have a very small kitchen, but I enjoy to create new meal ideas. One place I get my meal ideas is from watching the Rachael Ray Show.
She always has some good ideas and I love trying them. I can not wait to become a teacher and share my passion and knowledge with our world's future generation!

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