Swamp Animals
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developd for Mrs. Bass' Kindergarten Class at Quitman Elementary School
Designed By Ashton Roller, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

picture of swamp

A swamp is a lowland region saturated with water and full of many plants and animals.

Have you ever been to a swamp?  Let's go see what the different kinds of swamps look like!
frog in swamp
Did you know that we live near the largest swamp in the U.S.?  It is called the Okefenokee Swamp and it covers 700 miles of South Georgia and North Florida.     
alligator laying in the sun
Do you know what the most dangerous swamp animal is?  It's the alligator!  Come find out more about this animal.
swamp rattler snake
Do you know what other animals live in the swamp?  Come look at pictures and descriptions of other swamp animals.

Swamp Guide Real World Activity

    Pretend that you work for the Okefenokee Swamp in South Georgia as a tour guide.  You are the best tour guide around because you are the only one brave enough to be around the dangerous animals such as alligators and snakes.  Your boss asks you to go through the swamp and make a brochure of all the animals you see on your trip.  The brochure you make will be given to visitors that take the swamp tour.  After taking your trip through the Internet sites, you will then draw pictures of three animals you encountered and write one sentence to go along with them.  Make sure your brochure looks good because if it does you could get your own animal show on t.v.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

Step 1)  Think about if you have ever been to or seen a swamp or the
              animals that live there.
Step 2)  Check out the swamp animal website to see pictures of what
              kinds of animals live in swamps.
Step 3)  Go look at some pictures of swamps to help you imagine your
Step 4)  Pick your 3 favorite animals that you saw on your tour.
Step 5)  Get your piece of construction paper and fold it hotdog style to
              look like a brochure.  (The teacher will help you fold.)
Step 6)  On the front of the brochure, write the title of your tour, your
              name,  and draw a picture of what a swamp looks like.  
Step 7)  On the inside pages, draw your favorite 3 animals and write one
              sentence about one of the animals.
Step 8)  Turn in to the teacher so she can put them on the Internet for
              people to look at!

Topic Literature Activity
"Life in a Wetland" by Carol K. Lindeen

book cover

Topic Literature Activity
A.   turtle    Go to this website to see swamp animals
B.  Four questions of understanding about Life in a Wetland
       1.  What are marshes and swamps also known as?
       2.  What do snails carry on their backs?
       3.  What do cranes eat?
       4.  What grows on logs, rocks, and wet shores in wetlands?
C.  Two critical thinking questions based on Life in a Wetland
       1.  What is your favorite swamp animal and why?
       2.  If you were a turtle, how would you protect yourself from an alligator?


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