Springing Into Education
Designed by Ashton Roller

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    Hi, my name is Ashton Roller and I am from Macon, Ga.  I am currently in my first professional block of the Early Childhood and Reading Education program at Valdosta State University.  I am a junior and I expect to graduate in December of 2008.  After graduating with my bachelor's degree, I plan to further my education and to obtain a master's degree in counseling to hopefully one day become a elementary school counselor.  I love children and I cannot wait to have my own classroom.  I know that I will love teaching and I hope I can make a strong impression on many children's lives and help them "spring" into education!

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    I am a member of Phi Mu sorority and I love all of my sisters.  They provide support to me when I need it.  I recently got elected to be the CPH VP of Scholarship which means that I am in charge of scholastics for all six sororities on campus.  I love to read in my spare time which is something that I'm not seeing a lot of these days.  My favorite type of books are romantic comedies.  I also enjoy traveling even though I have never been out of the country.  The farthest I have been is to New York City on my sixth grade field trip.  My favorite vacation place in Gatlinburg, TN.  There is so much to do there and I just love the quiet and laid-back atmosphere of the town.  The hobby that I am most passionate about is stepping for Phi Mu.  Many people do not know what step is so I explain it as a combination of dancing, cheering, and making beats with your body as a syncrinized team.  Last year, Phi Mu won first place and I was ecstatic about that.  We worked so hard and it paid off. 

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    Teachers always need help dealing with lesson plans, whether it be from co-workers or people they don't know, the internet allows teachers to share their ideas and suggestions.  One helpful site that I found is the Lesson Plan Factory.  This site is easy to navigate and it organizes lesson plans based on content area and also grade level which is something that I liked.  Another site that I think is useful is the Children's Library site.  I like this site because I think children would really like to use it.  It is very child friendly and easy to use and it offers a way for children to read books online rather than getting them from the library.  It even offers many ways for children to sort through books and design their own covers.

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