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Hello, I am Amanda Martin.  I am in the Early Childhood Education Program at Valdosta State University.  I am from Forsyth County.  I graduated from Forsyth Central High School in 2007.  I hope to teach kindergarten and return to my hometown or maybe as I grow older move and teach in Greece.  My hobbies are tennis, scrap-booking, shopping, traveling, and spending quality time with family and friends.  Feel free to check out my other webpage that includes more photos, personality quiz as well as extra curricular activities.


Looking back on my educational experiences, all have all been enjoyable and worthwhile.  I enjoyed learning about and getting to know all of my teachers on personal levels.  School was a place where I could not only learn new material, but I could also be creative.  My teachers were very supportive and easy going.  I remember all of the friends I had at school.  School was a fun and exciting place.  I hope that once I am a teacher, that my classroom with send out positive vibes, such as the ones I experienced as a student.  Students should know that while we do have work to accomplish at school, that is can also be a house of comfort and joy.   


Teachers are in a lucky profession.  They can share, borrow or create their lessons.  Resources are easliy available for teachers.  Some websites and books for early childhood educators can be found at the Bright From the Start website, as well as in many other places.  Another great resource for teachers to visit frequently is the Georgia Department of Education website.  Both of these places offer tools that often guide teachers to understand curriculum and to generate ideas to add activities and other subjects into one lesson.

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