The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds
Author Joanna Cole
Picture and Story by Amanda Futch


Ms. Frizzle’s class is growing a beautiful garden.  A photographer is coming to take a picture of the garden and the class.  Everyone has something beautiful growing in their plot, except one student.

Phoebe does not have a flower growing in her plot.   Her flower is at her old school.  So, the class decides to take a field trip to Phoebe's old school to get her flower.

On the way to the school the magic school bus shrinks into a tiny insect.  Instead of going to Phoebe's school, the students end up going inside of Phoebe's flower.  The insect crawls around exploring the different parts of a flower.  The students learn about the different parts of a flower and how a seed is made. 

Critical Thinking Questions

1. What insect do you think the schoolbus turned into? (remember it has to be small
    enough to fit inside of a flower)


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