Bridging in Education

Designed by: Allan Celik

Bridging in Education

    My name is Allan Celik, I am a student at Valdosta State University and am a senior in the Early Childhood & Special Education Department. Things that I enjoy doing are working in my campus ministry (Wesley Foundation) and playing soccer on the front lawn, and reading all sorts of stuff, all while going to school. My favorite soccer team is Besiktas Istanbul, I am 23 years old and am a native resident of Valdosta, a "local" as my friends call me. I graduated from Lowndes High School in 2005 with honors and I also lettered in wrestling.
    I went to Georgia Military College before I came to VSU and graduated with a degree in Science Education, I hope to get my degree in special education and  perhaps secure  a  Fulbright Scholarship to teach in either Helsinki, Finland or  Istanbul, Turkey which is the city where my  father grew up, and the largest city of my second-favorite country in the world. Finland is a beautiful place and so is all of Scandinavia, and the languages are very interesting to be diverse in such a s small region in the world. Scandinavia the Northernmost part of Europe and Turkey the southernmost part.
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      I have a rich family history. My mother was a southern belle from Anniston, Alabama which spent her life taking care of other people and at the same time working at Levi's jean factory in Valdosta before it was outsourced. Mom took care of my grandmother "Peeps" she was nicknamed for a good while before moving back to Nashville, Georgia to live with her brother. She met my dad, Halit, in Nashville.
     I feel priviledged to be attending university classes at VSU and have been involved with sports, campus ministries, and even religious dialogue between Eastern and Western culture. Last Summer I went to the Middle East on missions and this past summer I drove a support van for the Wesley Foundation Cycle of Hope for povery awareness in America, it was an outreach of the Wesley Foundation to educate America about poverty. I have worked in a facility that supports the needs of individuals with special needs for three and a half years now in the city of Valdosta, and I enjoy doing volunteer work and kind social things like that when I get the time and chance to. Another thing that is a pastime of mine is languages. I speak English, intermediate Turkish, and some Japanese, which makes me appreciate teachers teaching languages in the classroom, or even ESL:
ESL for teaching.
     I have a passion for the English language and young learners. Spelling goes hand-in-hand with our language and I like to see good spellers, so I am going to include a list of misspelled words. 100 Misspelled words list.

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