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Our Mission Statement
The UNICEF student initiative at Valdosta State University is formed as an organization for those who seek to serve the student and metropolitan community towards greater political and social awareness. The mission of this organization is to raise funds, to increase global and international awareness, to educate others and ourselves on humanitarian issues, and educate and advocate on behalf of the needs and rights of children in the United States and abroad.
Who We Are
As of October 2002, Valdosta State University has formed one of 29 UNICEF campus initiative programs. Such campus groups allow students to help save the world’s children by taking simple steps. This is the philosophy behind the UNICEF Campus Initiative, a growing grassroots campus movement that supports UNICEF in its endeavor to give the world’s children a brighter future by funding sustainable, field-based programs.
Getting Involved

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Click here for pictures from the first annual VSU-UNICEF Banquet held on November 9,2004.
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VSU UNICEF is an affiliate of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF
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