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Plains, GA Trip

International Students visited Plains, Georgia, the home of the 39th US President
on Sunday, April 10, 2005. The trip was organized by the BSU students at VSU
in conjunction with the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Jimmy Carter Sign Jimmy Carter Display

The trip started with attending the Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, GA where Jimmy Carter teaches Sunday School.

Students entering the church

Jimmy Carter is talking to the group

Jimmy Carter is teaching Sunday School

Internationa Students took pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

 International Students visited the Plains High School Museum where they 
 saw numerous exhibits about the former president and how he grew up and was 
 educated in Plains, Georgia. Mr. Carter graduated from Plains High School in 1941.

Jimmy Carter High School Jimmy Carter High School classroom

Students visited the Global Village at Habitat for Humanity International's headquarters
in Americus, Georgia where they toured life-size Habitat houses from countries around the world.

Habitat Global village Habitat Global Village Group

Habitat tour Group picture at Local Village

Global Village Pictures

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