International Students Mission Statement

The Society Of International Students is one of the student organizations at Valdosta State University and provides a social haven for the 200 plus international students who are away from home. The goals of our mission objective include the following:

To foster the diversity of the VSU community

To increase American awareness of other cultures

To enhance interactions among international students

To harmonize VSU’s international groups

To provide you with information about people and places of different ethnicity

International students are germane to the overall college mission, as they provide academic and cultural richness not found elsewhere. The presence of international students alters domestic students’ perceptions and understanding of a world society, serves as a human resource in both class discussions and student activities, and becomes the basis for friendships that often filter into future social, political and economic relationships.

International students take courses that will enhance career, businessm or transfer education, many of which have low enrollments for colleges in general. In addition, international student non-resident tuition is particularly attractive during times of fiscal difficulty and at times becomes a form of export education. The importance attributed to nternational students by individual campuses correlates with numbers enrolled, which range from a few dozen to over a thousand.