The Fossil Free campaign made its way to the Valdosta State campus in the fall of 2013. It is part of an ongoing, international effort to combat climate change by asking university leaders to remove any investments it may have in the top 200 fossil fuel extraction companies. With the support of over 400 colleges, cities, and religious institutions, the movement is quickly gaining ground. We believe that this collective effort, we can effectively undermine the fossil fuel industry and aid the fight against climate change.

Our petition states:

As climate change progresses, we become more aware of the hazardous consequences that manifest in relation to a warming planet. We understand that in order to combat the issue, we have to alter our daily practices. However, the lobbying power of the major fuel companies has diminished the voices and power of individuals within our political system. Subsequently, policy has been written to favor the interests of the companies benefiting from the exploitation of our environment.

We are asking Valdosta State to distance itself from this industry and pursue alternatives, knowing that if we wish to address climate change, a collaborative effort must be made. By joining this movement, we can create a more ethical campus and move in the direction of sustainability.
You can sign on and learn more about the movement here:

Official Supporters of Fossil Free Valdosta State:

VSU Environmental Issues Committee
VSU Faculty Senate
VSU Sociology Club
VSU College Democrats