President Jason Adams
Vice President Keisha Moldon
Secretary Debra Holley

  • Dr. James Peterson, FACULTY ADVISOR

    Chapter History

    Charter Members

    Past Presidents


    The charter establishing the Georgia Theta Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu was granted on April 20, 1980, at the regular annual meeting of the PGM Board of Trustees. Fifty-two students and faculty composed the charter membership of Georgia Theta. Dr. James Betka, currently an associate professor of Political Science was the chapter sponsor, serving until 1982.

    Dr. Raymond Mensing, professor of History, steered the affairs of Georgia Theta between 1982 and 1987, handing over the baton to Dr. James Peterson. Dr. Peterson is a professor and head of the Political Science Department. We are proud to have produced one of the immediate past Presidents of Pi Gamma Mu in the person of Dr. Hugh Coleman Bailey, who is also the President of this University.

    The chapter now boasts a annual initiation rate of twenty (20) students annually.


    The following then students and faculty of Valdosta State College comprised the charter class of Georgia Theta:

  • Dr. Arnold L. Addington
  • Dr. Hugh C. Bailey
  • Dr. Ronald L. Barnette
  • Dr. James A. Betka
  • Dr. Louie A. Brown
  • Annetta N. Copeland
  • Dr. John H. Curtis
  • Dr. Donald P. Foshee
  • Dr. William M. Gabard
  • Dr. Raymond C. Mensing
  • Dr. William M. Morrow
  • Dr. Richard T. Saeger
  • Jane T. Shelton
  • Dr. Joseph A. Tomberlin
  • Elizabeth L. Anderson
  • William A. Barton
  • Sara A. Booth
  • Rodney Bowen, III
  • Kathy D. Boxx
  • Jayne Brady
  • Bobby J. Braswell
  • Diane M. Braswell
  • Vickie L. Cannon
  • Sharon M. Clontz
  • Brian K. Cone
  • James E. Dennis
  • William J. Edgar
  • Elbert R. Franklin
  • Roger K. Howard
  • James E. Jarvis, Jr.
  • Cathe Joines
  • Susan Just
  • Charles G. Kulp, III
  • Larry P. Lairsey
  • Patricia A. McCorrey
  • Edward W. Minor
  • Lorena J. Moody
  • Thelma L. Morris
  • Renee M. Moseley
  • Jean A. Mueller
  • Felicia F. Norwood
  • Brendalyn A. Oliver
  • Steven C. Olson
  • Franklin A. Parker
  • Sheila E. Parrish
  • John D. Peeples
  • Beth R. Pinholster
  • Mary R. Powell
  • James S. Purvis
  • Bradfield M. Shealy
  • Melinee Simpson
  • Eileen L. Wachowiak


    The following have served as chapter presidents since 1992:


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